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Hello Dear Friends well come To Our Website Funnyiq ,Today We Post For You Latest 100+ Attitude Whatsapp Status in English For You. You Can Share This Status With Your Love One,Friends,Girl Friend,Boy Friend and Parents Too .We also have a Collection of Best Whatsapp Status in English For You .

Attitude Status for Whatsapp

(1) Waiting For Wi-Fi Network.

(2) Stop living in regret, baby, it’s not over yet.

(3) Before you judge me, Make sure that you’re perfect.

(4) My personality is who I am, but my attitude depends on who you are!

(5)  I am different, f**k your opinion.

(6) I May Be Wrong. But I Doubt It.

(7) Too Glam to Give a Damn.

(8) I live, I love, I fight, I cry, but I never give up.

(9) If being Hot is now a Crime, ARREST ME!

(10) Finally gotten completely back to myself again: Heart Closed, Mind On.

Attitude Status In English

(11) Don’t play with me! Because I know I can play better than you.

(12) I Am Hot Dude With A Cool Attitude.

(13) Follow Your Heart But Don;T Be Stupid.

(14)  I’M Cool But Global Warming Made Me Hot.

(15) If you dont want me , Dont fuck with my feelings.

(16) I live, I love, I fight, I cry, but I never give up

(17) Sorry Vegetarians We Can’T Pretend.

(18) Your attitude may hurt me, But mine can Kill You!!

(19) No time for Fake and Negative People’s.

(20) I’M Not Special , I’M Just Limited Edition.

Attitude status for boys 2021

(21) Never Love Someone At The Cost Of Your Dignity And Self Respect.

(22) I’m born to express, not to impress.

(23) Excellence Is Not A Skill. It Is An Attitude.

(24) I live, I love, I fight, I cry, but I never give up.

(25) SMILE is my STYLE and ATTITUDE is my FASHION.

(26) I’m an odd combination of “Really Sweet” and “Do not mess with me”

(27) Those who know me, never doubt me. Those who doubt me, never knew me.

(28) I’M Sorry My Fault. I Forgot You’Re An Idiot.

(29) I live, I love, I fight, I cry, but I never give up.

(30) The greatest motto to live life…  – ‘Hakuna Matata!!!’

Whatsapp Status Attitude

(31) I’m poor. That’s the reason I can’t afford to pay attention.

(32) I don’t care for people, who don’t care for me.

(33) I’m a good person but don’t give me a reason to show my evil side.

(34) I love to change if i find someone copying me.

(35) Nobody can teach me who I am.

(36) If you ever think I am ignoring you, I swear I am. My phone is in my hand 24×7

(37) Before You Judge Me, Make Sure You Are Perfect.

(38) I’m a very private person. You don’t ask i don’t tell.

(39) You Attitude May Hurt Me But Mine Can Kill You.

(40) Yes, I’m smiling. But you’re not the reason anymore.

Attitude Whatsapp Status For Boys

(41) I didn’t change, I only grew up and I think you should too.

(42) Yes, i have changed. Pain does that to People.

(43) Love Your Haters, They Are You Biggest Fans.

(44) Never, never, never, never give up.

(45) Baby i am not 500 or 1000 rupees currency. I will be with u forever.

(46) I m a puzzle, which u can’t solve.

(47) Show me, don’t tell me.

(48) I don’t fear commitment, I fear wasting my time.

(49) I Don’t Believe in Flaunts, I Actually Accept Them Who Come With Reality.

(50) Don’T Copy My Attitude Because It’S My Attitude.

Attitude Whatsapp Status For Girls

(51) My attitude depends on the people in front of me.

(52) The Biggest Slap To Your Enemies Is Your Success.

(53) Tom N Jerry taught me that life is boring….without ENEMY’S.

(54) Don’t make time for them who don’t make time for you.

(55) I’m the Hot girl with a cool attitude.

(56) They may try to COPY you, but they can’t be YOU.

(57) Don;T Show Me Ur Attitude As You Can’T Handle Mine.

(58) Beauty Fades After Time, But Personality Is Forever!

(59) I don’t Need To Copy Any Celebrity I Have My Own Personality.

(60) When Sum One Hates You for no reason. Give them a reason.

Royal Attitude Status 

(61) I Don’T Have A Bad Handwriting, I Have My Own Font.

(62) I hate those people who have two faces. they shows one face to me and second to other people.

(63) Never give up on something you love.

(64) I am a good enough person to FORGIVE you. But not stupid enough to TRUST you again!.

(65) Weakness of Attitude becomes Weakness of Character.

(66) I Don’t Have Attitude Problem I Just Have Personality.. YOU CAN’T HANDLE.

(67) Sometimes I get jealous of myself.

(68) The goal is not to be rich the Goal is to be legend.

(69) Everyone deserves second chances but not for the same mistakes.

(70) If u think I am BAD than you’re wrong, I’m the worst..

Royal Attitude Status in English 2021

(71) I am a billion-dollar girl.

(72) Music is my escape from the bullshit in life.


(74) How he treats you is how he feels about you.

(75) I’m 100% a material girl.

(76) if you want me let me know, if you dont, please gently let me go.

(77) I know you don’t care. But… Same here.

(78) Winners focus on winning, losers focus on winners.

(79) Treat me like a Queen and I’ll treat you Like a King But If you treat me like a game I’ll show you how it’s played.

(80) Hey you! Yes You… Please don’t copy my status.

Royal Attitude Status in English 2021 For Girl

(81) i am who i am and i wont change for anyone.

(82) I shall continue to do what I think is right whether anybody likes it or not.

(83) Excuse me!! I found something under my shoes ohhh its your Attitude.

(84) My attitude is a magnet and what you think about me is what you get.

(85) Before you judge me, make sure you are Perfect.

(86) Adopting the right attitude can convert a negative stress into a positive one.

(87) If your are still hate me!then No Problem!.

(88) I shall continue to do what I think is right whether anybody likes it or not.

(89) Stop giving me your attitude; except you want mine.

(90) My Level Of Maturity Changes Depending On Who I’M With.

Royal Attitude Status in English For Instagram

(91) My “Last Seen At” Was Just To Check Your “Last Seen At”.

(92) A bad attitude is like a flat tire if you don’t change it you will never go anywhere.

(93) i am who i am and i wont change for anyone.

(94) Above all be the heroine of your life not the victim.

(95) Dont judge my choices without understanding my reasons.

(96) Let’s make welcome, the guy with a great sense of humour!

(97) Love me hate me but you will never change me.

(98) A wise man knows himself to be a fool but a fool thinks himself to be very wise.

(99) Me And My Wife Live Happily For 25 Years And Then We Met.

(100) When others quit I keep going.

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