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Hello Dear Friends well come To Our Website Funnyiq ,Today We Post For You Latest Good Night Wishes in English For You. You Can Share This Status With Your Friends and Family Members too .We also have a Collection of Best Wishes For You in English .

Good Night Message in English

(1) It’s the end of another spectacular day with you. Now recharge yourself because tomorrow we going to have a bigger one. Good night dear friend!

(2) May the angels from heaven bring the sweetest of all dreams for you. May you have long and blissful sleep full of happy dreams. Good night my friend!

(3) A friend is someone who believes in u when you don’t believe yourself. Good night, dear friend!

(4) The night is quietly coming and knocking at your door.
I am carrying the sweetest dream for you across the sky
And gently saying „Good night“.

(5) There are so many stars in the sky tonight & I was wondering which one is you. Because my friend, you are a true star! Good night!

(6) The only reason I have the sweetest of dreams is that I look forward to spending the next day with awesome friends like you. Goodnight!

(7) Good night, my friend! May you have a great day tomorrow.

(8) I have a heart and that is true. But now it has gone from me to you. So care for it just like I do, because I have no heart and you have two. Good night friend and sweet dreams.

(9) I want to be a cool breeze in the darkness of night that gives you goose bumps till you sleep.Good night.

(10) Good night, good night! Parting is such sweet sorrow, that I shall say good night till it be morrow. – William Shakespeare

English Good Night Message

(11) I am lucky that I have found a friend like you. I am sending this message with lots of love. Good night friend. Have a sweet dream.

(12) God’s guidance is like a small lamp in a dark forest which doesn’t show everything at once, but gives enough light for next step to be safe. Gud night friends.

(13) May this night take away all your heavy and disturbing thoughts and show you many bright and wonderful dreams where we are together.Wish you a good night, my dear.

(14) I think the best way to get a good night sleep is to work hard throughout the day. If you work hard and, of course, work out. – William H. M Craven

(15) As the sun sets, lovers, send each other hug and kisses while friends send each other luck and wishes. I hope that this night brings you luck which helps you fulfill all the dreams that your dreams. Good night.

(16) Time comes and goes as it pleases,
but for you and me, it brings us closer.
Goodnight my frnd.

(17) Good night, good night!Parting is such sweet sorrow,that I shall say good night till it be morrow.

(18) The best bridge between despair and hope is a good night’s sleep. – E. Joseph Osman

(19) When the night comes, we may not be with each other anymore. But the warmth of our friendship is always there to comfort us. Good night my friend.

(20) Moon is happy and Sun is upset, do you know why? I tell you, it is because the sun is missing you, and the moon is going to be with u in the night. Good night sweet friend.

Best Good Night Message in English

(21) Those that have someone wishing them “goodnight” are happier than many people that go to bed lonely.

(22) Our friendship will last forever. The miles of distance between us can never affect it. Good night and sleep tight.

(23) Thank you for having my back. Have the sweetest dreams in your slumber. Goodnight.

(24) God luvs u. You can fall asleep knowing that peace and truth is in your heart. Good Nite.

(25) Blissful sleep… know that your ONLY responsibility is recharging your batteries to face tomorrow with renewed optimism.

(26) You are so far away again! It breaks my heart to know that we can’t see each other right now. But I still want to wish you a very calm and peaceful night; may your sleep be full of beautiful dreams.

(27) Dear best friend, you are the most beautiful minded person I have ever met. I wish you a very charming and peaceful night. Good night dear.

(28) At this moment, 3.7 Millions are sleeping, 2.3 Millions are falling in Love, 4.1 Million are eating & Only my cute frnd in the whole world is reading my SMS.

(29) No matter how angry, happy or sad you may be – the day will end and a new one will begin.

(30) May the sweetest dreams guide you through this night, and your morning be the happiest of all. I love you and miss you, bud. Have a very good night!

Good Night Message For Friend in English

(31) Even if I had a bad start with my day, spending it with you magically turns it into a bright day. Good night my best friend!

(32) Daylight has ended, the moon is awake. God’s blessings to u, for goodness sake! Gud nite my frnds.

(33) Let go of the past, so you can create an inspirational future in your dreams.

(34) No sleepless night can bother my friend! I will fight every nightmare so you could sleep in peace. Miss you like crazy! Goodnight!

(35) Every night I go to sleep very happy because thanks to you I have very special moments. You have become my best friend and I appreciate it. May you rest so you can recharge your energies.

(36) Stars light stars bright, you are the only star I see tonight, I wish I might be there guarding your dreams tonight.

(37) You can be inspired to make a better tomorrow when you decide to make a better night today. Goodnight.

(38) Are you ready for a sleep? Don’t hurry and let me wish you sweet dreams. Hug you.

(39) I’m sending you the warmth of coffee and the sweet melodies of nostalgic songs to tuck you to bed! Have a good sleep and sweet dreams!

(40) When I say good night to special frnds like u, it is an one wish which means Good Nite, Swt Drms, I Miss You and See You Soon.

Good Night Friends Messages in English

(41) Tomorrow will be the day you begin to move toward your dreams.

(42) This night is so bright and full of stars. May you have a dream as beautiful as this night. Kisses!

(43) Thank you God for giving me these precious gifts: my friends. Look after them while sleeping because I want to spend another day with them. Good night!

(44) If you have had a bad day today, I hope that this nite signifies the end of all your troubles and the beginning to a wonderful day tomorrow. Good night.

(45) Inspiration is within everyone. A sweet sound of someone’s voice telling you “goodnight” can have as much inspiration as a new day with new possibilities.

(46) The day has passed, it is already the night, the angels shall come and will visit you, bringing the sweetest dreams.

(47) You will only be able to enjoy your night if you stop thinking about yesterday and stop worrying about tomorrow. So sleep tight and immerse yourself in your favorite dream. Good night.

(48) Night is Silent, Night is Beautiful, Night is Calm, Night is Quiet. But Night is not complete Without Wishing my frnd Good night. Sweet dreams!

(49) It’s a lovely msg to a lovely person from a lovely friend on a lovely reason at lovely time from a lovely mind in a lovely style to say u good night.

(50) Every night before I go to sleep, I remind myself that I’ll have to love you more tomorrow than I have loved you today. Good night my love!

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